Welcome to Balkar Combines

Balkar Harvesters are known due to its quality, durability & less price as each part rolling out of the Balkar Manufacturing plant passes through rigorous quality control checks which lands precision and quality to complete with international standard products.

About Balkar Combines

Balkar Combines is a professionally managed and one of the well established manufactures and exporters of complete Self propelled Combine harvesters, A.C cabin Combines, Tractor Driven Combines, Straw Reapers, Thresher & Back Hoe, rotavators and other agriculture implements.


We believe in fair business, timely delivery and to honors commitments to win the confidence and patronage of its customers. Company marching forward by upgrading the quality and entrust to provide excellent services to all its customers.

Balkar 654 (Self Propelled Combine Harvester)

Self propelled Combine Harvester with robust construction, power steering, Heavy duty Axle (Front & Rear), High quality Bearings, Chains, V-belts, etc. Requires minimum maintenance. Very economical in operations.

Balkar Straw Reaper

Straw Reaper with Bigger threshing drum (56"), double blowers, Advanced Mechanism for sheilding the rotar from getting hit by stones, solid particles during operation, stone trap system.

Balkar B-525 Tractor Driven

Tractor can be put to multiple usage when the tractor is dismounted from Harvester Combine during off-season. Better design of threshing unit which reduces grain damage and does better threshing. Maintenance friendly design. Tested & Approved by Government of India. Low fuel consumption.